This section wants to answer the question: Should we vote? If so, why? If not, why? Both sides of the argument from the left-libertarian perspective will be given in the interest of fairness.


Nick Ford – On The Morality and Practicality of Voting (The series that shares this title is here as well as other anti-voting videos)

Nick Ford – Refuting The Anti-Corn Laws League and the Ron Paul Appeal & Reaffirming the Non-Emphasis on Politics and Government: A Second Reply to Mr. Stolyarov

Nick Ford – Addressing the Voting Question & More Thoughts on the Voting Question

Robert LeFevre – Abstain from Beans

Jock Coats – Don’t Vote: It just encourages the bastards!

George H. Smith – The Ethics of Voting

Charles Johnson – Don’t Vote

Charles Johnson – In which I fail to be reassured

Thomas L. Knapp – Politics for Anti-Politicians

Thomas L. Knapp – Remember, Remember, Don’t Vote in November

Thomas L. Knapp – On the Road to Nowhere With Johnson and Paul

Thomas L. Knapp – No Masters, Not Even Ron Paul

Kevin Carson – To Vote, or Not to Vote?


Roderick Long – Dismantling Leviathan from Within

Roderick Long – Agorist Education versus Partyarchist Education

Roderick Long – In Defense of Voting (Sort of)

[It’s worth noting Roderick’s views are rather nuanced and conflicted as well as making pro(ish)-voting arguments he’s also made some anti(ish) comments on Ron Paul here and here]

Kevin Carson – A “Political” Program for Anarchists

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