Report Back: 2014 Philadelphia Students for Liberty Conference

Me and my friend Allen tabling!

In all ways and forms, the Philadelphia Students for Liberty Conference went better than the Boston SFL, though it’s worth re-stating that was mostly because Boston suffered low-attendance via a location change at the last second.

Regardless the breakfast was great, the lunch was better than I thought and the dinner pizza was really good (not as hot as I’d want it but still good) and the space itself was really good too.

This doesn’t even mention the best part of the whole thing which was the super supportive people who came up to our table and bought pamphlets, pins or generally were just glad to see ALL.

For context, ALL/C4SS were the only explicitly radical and (A) organization there. YAL was there, Koch brothers were there, IHS was there and FIRE was there. But nothing that was explicitly (A) and looking for a fight with the state.

I got into an interesting discussion with a minarchist who was running for sheriff. He was a nice guy and although a bit fiery and backwards on prisons (he wanted to lock any government official who violated a federal crime in prison) he seemed nice enough.

Aeon Skoble and Isaac Morehouse (both of whomI had the pleasure of meeting for the first time) both had great presentations. Professor Skoble discussed social justice in a very nuanced and interesting way while Isaac smashed the idea that politics is a good idea for social change and encourage entrepreneurship (direct action!) instead.

ALL/C4SS made around $50 in total. With C4SS making around $30 all by itself and Alliance of the Libertarian Left of New England (ALL-oNE) getting a few donations. Definitely enough to pay for a table at the Boston Anarchist Bookfair (which we had enough for before but now are even in better standing to pay!).

Overall the event was a total success and ended with Jeffery Tucker giving a great speech on liberalism with remarks on anti-elitism and hierarchy at one point as well as the advantages of P2P…but then turning around and saying McDonald’s is cool.

Ah, well. You win some…

SFL NYC is this weekend and I couldn’t be looking forward to it much more if Philly is any indication of the reception we’ll have!

We’ll be at the NYC SFL and the 2014 Boston Anarchist Bookfair!

Hey, I know I haven’t posted here in…a long time.

That’s partly because I’ve been busy with other things like C4SS Media and Abolish Work which don’t take me as much time as those wrap-up posts take. I’m also the one largely heading ALL-oNE with only occasional help from friends and comrades. Of whom I am eternally grateful for…but there’s still a lot that I have to do by myself.

I’ll be re-posting some posts form the latest Students for Liberty Conferences and in the future I’ll cross-posts wrap-ups from Facebook so this site stays slightly updated as the times go on.

The biggest reason I stopped posting was because the wrap-up posts just took up way too much time and eventually (as you can see) I just kept putting more and more distance between myself and them. Eventually I think I realized that it just wasn’t fun anymore and these wrap-up posts were becoming way more of a chore than anything I was looking forward to.

Not to mention not much has been going on with ALL-oNE since the NYC Bookfair. Sure, Porcfest happened but it just didn’t seem to make sense to post about that given that I was way too busy with AltExpo to man the literature this time around. And ALL-oNE only made a few sales. Overall it would have been more of a Porcfest wrap-up post from the POV of just a general attendee than what ALL-oNE’s experience as an organization was.

So that’s the long and short of it and I don’t plan on going back to those huge wrap-up posts anytime soon. I’ll most likely just cross-post stuff from Facebook, change some details and add some more information that I find important or note worthy and leave it at that.

The good news is that ALL-oNe even if it’s mainly being run by me (both the treasury and the pamphlet inventory are mainly under my supervision at this point) is still doing really well. The last few SFLs we did at both Boston and Philly went really well and later today I’ll be cross-posting both report backs to showcase just how well they went.

Also, from now on, with these wrap-ups I’ll try to keep them to around 1,000 words. Especially since I don’t plan on getting paid for any of this work or think that too many people will be paying attention to this site anyhow. But maybe that’s just my cynicism.

I’ll be presenting my anti-work ideas at the Boston Anarchist Bookfair and for the fourth year ALL-oNE will be tabling! So check out the schedule if you’re interested in looking at my workshop (my anti-work workshop, that is) or the vendors section if you want to see who else is tabling.

Finally, I’ll also be presenting on Anarchism and Comics before the B(A)B. ALL-oNE won’t be tabling there unfortunately (though I could hypothetically bring some pamphlets if I wanted to…) but I figure shameless self-promotion for the win?

So think of this post as a sort of apology and a non-promise (I don’t like or make promises) to try to do a little better with updating the site every now and then. Just basic stuff though. What events ALL-oNE is going to, what events ALL type stuff is going to any pertinent news about ALL-oNE itself, etc. etc.

So hopefully a few updates a month if not then maybe just one update bi-monthly or something.

Like I said, I’ll be posting later today about how well Philly and Boston went so look out for that. You can use those hyperlinks to see the Facebook versions that are unedited and not as well organized as they’ll be when I post them later. So keep that in mind.