Report Back: 2014 Philadelphia Students for Liberty Conference

Me and my friend Allen tabling!

In all ways and forms, the Philadelphia Students for Liberty Conference went better than the Boston SFL, though it’s worth re-stating that was mostly because Boston suffered low-attendance via a location change at the last second.

Regardless the breakfast was great, the lunch was better than I thought and the dinner pizza was really good (not as hot as I’d want it but still good) and the space itself was really good too.

This doesn’t even mention the best part of the whole thing which was the super supportive people who came up to our table and bought pamphlets, pins or generally were just glad to see ALL.

For context, ALL/C4SS were the only explicitly radical and (A) organization there. YAL was there, Koch brothers were there, IHS was there and FIRE was there. But nothing that was explicitly (A) and looking for a fight with the state.

I got into an interesting discussion with a minarchist who was running for sheriff. He was a nice guy and although a bit fiery and backwards on prisons (he wanted to lock any government official who violated a federal crime in prison) he seemed nice enough.

Aeon Skoble and Isaac Morehouse (both of whomI had the pleasure of meeting for the first time) both had great presentations. Professor Skoble discussed social justice in a very nuanced and interesting way while Isaac smashed the idea that politics is a good idea for social change and encourage entrepreneurship (direct action!) instead.

ALL/C4SS made around $50 in total. With C4SS making around $30 all by itself and Alliance of the Libertarian Left of New England (ALL-oNE) getting a few donations. Definitely enough to pay for a table at the Boston Anarchist Bookfair (which we had enough for before but now are even in better standing to pay!).

Overall the event was a total success and ended with Jeffery Tucker giving a great speech on liberalism with remarks on anti-elitism and hierarchy at one point as well as the advantages of P2P…but then turning around and saying McDonald’s is cool.

Ah, well. You win some…

SFL NYC is this weekend and I couldn’t be looking forward to it much more if Philly is any indication of the reception we’ll have!