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Charles JohnsonLiberty, Equality, Solidarity: Towards a Dialectical Anarchism

Sheldon RichmanLibertarian Left: Free-Market Anti-Capitalism, The Unknown Ideal

Gary ChartierFraming Left Libertarianism: A First Pass

Alex StrekalWhat is left-libertarianism? [NOTE: Strekal is no longer a libertarian let alone a left-libertarian and so would now certainly disagree with left-libertarianism but that’s no good reason to discard his previous work]

Wally CongerDefining Left Libertarianism


Brad SpanglerWages vs Wage Slavery & Austrian Economics and Wage Slavery (Also see: Wage Slavery: The Short Version)

Thomas L. KnappUnions: Part of the Market

Kevin CarsonContract Feudalism & Further Thoughts on Contract Feudalism

Kevin CarsonLabor Struggle: A Free Market Model & The Ethics of Labor Struggle & The Wobblies and Free Market Labor Struggle

Charles JohnsonFree the Unions (and all political prisoners) & Lazy Linking on Leftist Labor Libertarianism

Roderick LongBeyond the Boss


Charles JohnsonLibertarianism Through Thick and Thin & Women and the Invisible Fist

Roderick LongPlatonic Productivity & Beyond Patriarchy

Charles Johnson & Roderick LongLibertarian Feminism: Can this Marriage be Saved?

Sheldon RichmanLibertarianism is Anti-Racism

Carol MooreWomen vs. The Nation State [NOTE: Although I (Nick Ford) doubt Carol Moore (from what I know about her) would accept the label this is a pretty left-libertarian essay even if she typically doesn’t seem to hold those views (again from what I know about her and her work.)]

Gary ChartierCultural Roots an Collective Identity in a Libertarian Society (The video version can be found here)

Voltairine de CleyreSex Slavery

Emile ArmandSexual Liberty

Identity and Isms

Sheldon RichmanIs Capitalism Something Good?

Gary ChartierAdvocates of Freed Markets Should Embrace “Anti-Capitalism” & Socialist Ends, Market Means

Steven HorowitzIs the Name “Capitalism” Worth Keeping? Part 1, Part 2 & More Evidence that the Word “Capitalism” Might be a Problem

Kevin CarsonCapitalism: A Good Word for a Bad Thing

Karl HessAnarchism Without Hyphens

Charles JohnsonLibertarian Anticapitalism, & Bits and Pieces on Free Market Anti-Capitalism – Part 1 (a link to the other parts can be found here as well)

Benjamin TuckerState Socialism and Anarchism – How Far They Agree and Wherein They Differ (A video version can be found here)

Charles Johnson and Gary ChartierMarkets Not Capitalism (You can find a section in the book entitled the same and find the book here for free)

Roderick LongAnti-Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal Part 2 (Also see comments for other articles from Roderick and Charles and various others in the comments section)


Carlton Hobbs – Common Property in Free Market Anarchism: A Missing Link

Kevin Carson – Libertarian Property and Privatization: An Alternative Paradigm, Common Versus Government Property, In Defense –Such As It Is — of Usufructory Land Ownership, Intellectual Property is Theft! (Note: This is the original title but it was later put in pamphlet form as part of the market anarchy series as “Intellectual Property is Theft!”

Murray Rothbard – Confiscation and the Homestead Principle, The Problem of Land Theft & Land Monopoly, Past and Present

Gary Chartier – Libertarians for Redistribution

Shawn P. Wilbur – Proudhon on Property

Less Antman – Is Property Theft?

Charles Johnson and Gary Chartier – Markets Not Capitalism. You can find a section in the book entitled the same and find the book here for free

Idealogues and some of their works and interviews, books, pamphlets, essays, videos can be found on these individual pages below. Many links to these essays, and others, can be found at the Alliance of the Libertarian Left‘s website.

Karl Hess

Samuel Edward Konkin III

Murray Rothbard

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