With ideas of our ideal, an understanding of our context is necessary for a realistic response. Often, the history we’ve been taught only serves to propagandize us and colonize our mind with a false construct of how the world works. Libertarians re-examine history and often come to a revised interpretation of events, hence the term “revisionism.”

The following articles and videos will help one understand our real context:

Kevin Carson – The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand, The Subsidy of History

Sheldon Richman – Full Context, No Laissez Faire There: The Gilded Age

Roderick Long – Remember Corporate Liberalism, History of an Idea: Or, How An Argument Against the Workability of Authoritarian Socialism
Became An Argument Against the Workability of Authoritarian Capitalism
, How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis: Medical Insurance that Worked — Until Government “Fixed” It

Roy Childs Jr. – Big Business and the Rise of American Statism

Joseph Stromberg – The Role of State Monopoly Capitalism in the American Empire , English Enclosures and Soviet Collectivization: Two Instances of an Anti-Peasant Mode of Development

Voltairine de Cleyre – Anarchism and American Traditions , The Eleventh of November 1887, Events are the True Schoomasters

We’ve all been given a false history of our own country, so here’s some…

Real History of the United States and American government

We live in a world where information is controlled and history is created by…


Why and how you hove no…


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