ALL-oNE Update for 12/13/11

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while but this update has been on my mind since I got an invitation to “What is the Occupy Movement? A Roundtable”¬†sometime last week I think. Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict (on both my part and Jack’s), we will be unable to make it. But we encourage ALL who can go to check it out and let us know how it was!

I made it a point to stay in contact with the organizers so chances are we’ll be invited to other events too if we’re lucky!

Besides that, not much has been happening. An ALL-oNE office or place of operations is being considered and a book signing with Charles Johnson (editor of “Markets Not Capitalism”) around the time of the 2012 Liberty Fourm¬†which will hopefully start get worked on as soon as possible.

I hope fellow ALLies are enjoying this holiday season and trying not to let the mass consumerism get them done too much. I’ll try to keep this blog updated as more and more things come to pass in regards to the things I’ve already mentioned and more. No promises about when though of course. ūüėČ

ALL-oNE goes to Boston: Nick’s Thoughts on the Boston Anarchist Bookfair!

ALL-oNE Logo

ALL-oNE Logo

I’m of course coming at this from a generally left-libertarian¬†perspective so that should be noted throughout this ¬†hopefully substantial enough¬†reflection¬†and analysis of what happened at the Boston Anarchist Bookfair.

The Kickoff Show! (Friday, November 11th)

First off the kickoff show¬†definitely set the tone of what was to come at the bookfair itself. Lots of punk looking people (which is to mean in the musically cultural sense not the¬†derogatory¬†term) and plenty of people who certainly respected the DIY ethic which was shown through the handmade tapes and CDs being offered as well as the low prices. I thought that was pretty cool. One problem however was (and I’m unsure how my girlfriend faired in feeling in or out of place or Jack for that matter) but culturally I wasn’t sure how much I fit even wearing my Rage Against the Machine shirt and regular jeans. I clearly was not involved in whatever “scene” that goes on around these anarchists groups. Nevertheless when you get past the identity politics most people were just that…people. The people who did talk to seemed nice enough and no large conversations were really had. It was mostly a place to listen to some good music and enjoy the company of each other.

One thing I thought was funny was that there was a potluck and a lot of these people love to go on about community but the only people who brought food were me, Jack and my girlfriend. However, I will say that I don’t think the potluck was very well¬†advertised¬†and this become a running theme in the Bookfair as you’ll see as we go along. I did have an idea to read a short essay by Voltairine de Cleyre who wrote about the Haymarket¬†Martyrs¬†but the¬†preparation¬†was troublesome and I dropped it not long after we got there since I figured it was a place more for hanging out then hearing essays. Either way though I very much enjoyed my time (though it was often hard to hear the singer over the instruments it was fine either way) and I certainly would do it again if given the chance.

So that was the kickoffshow (more or less), what of the bookfair itself?

The Anarchist Bookfair (Day 1, Saturday, November 12)

Getting there was a problem in of itself. The directions (that I hand-wrote) proved troublesome to follow en route but we got there. We were (thankfully) greeted by warm and kind people who were helping organize the bookfair (if I recall correctly that is…) who asked us if we wanted help with our pamphlets. By 11 AM we were all set up with our pamphlets¬†and were ready to go.

By around 12 PM people started filling in to the main hall¬†of Simmons College and checking the tables out. Jack and I were concerned at first about sales but we got a few even before the first talk which was “Seattle & Boston Solidarity Networks: Direct Action and Mutual Aid for the Win!”¬†(I’m unaware of any videos being put up so this is all I can do for now) ¬†which was a very much interesting talk on how to build counter-power to the current corrupt institutions of our time. SeaSol¬†and organizations like it tend to focus more on corrupt landlords, bosses and so on instead of the state. Still, it’s encouraging to see that small victories¬†that are possible and the possibilities of building counter-power to the ends of creating a more free society. So I very much liked this talk and soon signed up for the Boston Solidarity Network as well as signed up for updates which you can probably do on their website.

Up next was the Anarchism 101¬†talk which was good. I suppose the fact that there was a 20 minute discussion after the talk made up for the fact that there were some schools of thought (such as the individualist¬†and mutualist) that they left out but I wasn’t too surprised I suppose. I did ask them if they considered these schools of thought legitimate and the speaker who first answered (there was two of them) said he didn’t think there was some strict requirements for being considered a legitimate anarchist school of thought past a lot of recognition (slightly paraphrasing here if memory serves). Which of course begs the question of how then is anarcho-capitalism not legitimate? I won’t get into whether I do or do not think it’s legitimate here but I didn’t want to cause too much trouble an was more interested in good ol’ intellectual discussion.¬†The other speaker said he liked Voltairine de Cleyre and her anarchism without adjectives she held and I was happy to hear that.¬†¬†I was then asked about¬†my shirt¬†and what being a¬†“left-libertarian”¬†meant. I was not of course prepared for the question (though to his credit he did say he wasn’t trying to put me on the spot but I said it was alright and knew it was a chance to at least¬†try¬†to spread the LL¬†message) so I gave the lackluster answer that it held elements of many different strains of thoughts¬†including¬†mutualism and individualism which was why I asked why they were not included to begin with. A few more questions and small discussions were started but I was probably one of the most vocal people there which was good. Overall the talk was good though I think their should have been a more mutualist/individualist stance represented but oh well.

For the remainder of the day I remained at the table with Jack selling books and also trying to sell the idea of left-libertarianism to people. Jack and I came in with¬†approximately¬†$32 and that same day left with over $100 so as far as selling pamphlets it was a successful venture. On that same day I had a few discussions here and there though the real credit for going out there and talking to the other organizations especially belongs to Jack who, from time to time, would leave the “booth” (really just a table as you saw earlier) to go talk to other groups and see what we could do to reach mutually agreeable agreements that would help both sides. I’ve yet to really make big strides to reaching out but hopefully as I continue to meet people and go to events like this I can continue to reach out.

One of the best things of the night was seeing some Facebook freinds and hanging out with them and talking about the scene in Boston, the Bookfair, catching up and whatnot. I was very happy to see some familiar faces and I think it’s safe to say that we ALL had a successful first day at the bookfair!

(Day 2, Sunday, November 13th)

After quickly falling asleep the previous night and thankfully getting refilled on energy via the kind people who gave both Jack and I housing. When we got there we were relieved to see that all of our pamphlets had remained where they were. I say this because we had actually left all¬†of our pamphlets (save for maybe some in my bag I had on me) there on the table. I suppose anarcho-communists aren’t just a bunch of thieves eh? ūüėČ

Regardless the day continued without me going to any talks (though there were a few I was interested in but I put them off to man the booth while Jack either kept talking to other organizations or went to a talk himself). Jack ended up going to the talk on worker-run cooperatives. However from what I understand it was a bit of a mess and the talk was actually not so much on mechanics of how to run it but theorizing about what it could be. And to add to that one-half of these two speakers who did it had never even been involved in a worker-cooperative himself (though perhaps I shouldn’t judge since I helped organize a talk on polyamory¬†at the last Porcfest with my friend Justin and neither one of us had been strictly involved in a polyamorous relationship with anyone). Nevertheless Jack took some notes but said he was disappointed with how it was handled.

As for the rest of the day? Most of the same. We got the more compact version of¬†Peter Kropotkin’s¬†¬†“The Conquest of Bread”¬†from Black Cat Press all sold out as well as a few copies of “A Critique of Anarchist Communism” by Ken Knudsonwhich was good to see people wanting to (I presume) question their own assumptions and¬†judgement. In total however we left the Bookfair with over $150 and got our shirts I mentioned earlier as a donation from a ¬†generous guy who is good friends with me and Jack! The trip ended up being very economical with hardly much gas being used due to free housing and not many trips made outside of the Bookfair which was good for both Jack and I.

One thing that’s perhaps worth finishing on is one of the biggest questions we got that Jack and I had to deal with is of course, “What is¬†a left-libertarian anyways? And what’s the ALL?”. At first I wasn’t sure how to answer the former and had to be selective about the latter so as to not include things like agorists, radical minarchists, voluntaryists, etc. or those who may see it as the more “right side” of the ALL. I tended to care more about how the message was conveyed to people who asked while Jack went with a more direct approach and let the cards fall where they may. Both approaches have their own merits and faults but I’m glad we both had our own way of dealing with it. On the left-libertarian question however I came to solve while I was finally getting around to read Gary Chartier’s “Socialist Ends, Market Means”. While they were all great essays, one thing at the very beginning pages especially caught my eye in regards to this question:

¬†“LL is authentically¬† libertarian both because it is anti-statist (the LLs who come readily to mind are all anarchists; I take it as a given here that the LL is an anarchist or something close enough for the difference to be irrelevant) and because it affirms the value of markets and property rights. At the same time, LL is authentically leftist because it seeks to challenge privilege, hierarchy, exclusion, deprivation, and domination‚ÄĒboth ideologically and practically‚ÄĒand because¬† it can exhibit a genuine commitment to inclusion, empowerment, and mutual respect.”


Concluding Remarks

There’s not too much to say. In short? The Boston Anarchist Bookfair was a huge success socially, economically, organization wise in learning lessons of how to better get ourselves together and more. If there’s another year in store for us I not only look forward to it but already can’t wait for it.

By the way, if you haven’t already and you went to the event please fill out this evaluation form¬†so that the organizers can do even better next year!

ALL-oNE Update for 9/29/11

Greetings ALLies! I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated and this is coming on an odd day but I figured I should catch anyone who’s wanting to know the updates with ALL-oNE.

First up the talk of a new logo in addition to an advertisement at ALLiance Journal proceeding still and designs are now being worked out. I do want to say that the particular pamphlet for the logo (if it’s chosen) has already been chosen. The logo may or may not become more public as times goes on. If nothing is decided by the end of the week then I’ll try to create a link and see if I can make it more public so other people can decide whether it’d be a good fit or not.

Second, work still needs to be done on the¬†coordinating¬†with other anarchist collectives and groups in the New England area so ALL-oNE can not only have it’s own special flavor of left-libertarianism unique in of itself but can also establish itself in the area. The idea of how to do that is to contribute zines to zine libraries in hopes of trading for others that we find meet our criteria of what’s useful. At the very least we may trade some zines for others to have a better variety of pamphlets so that the left-libertarian message can be heard better.

Third, speaking of left-libertarianism my talk on left-libertarianism and polyamory can be found here. The response seemed to be ok for the most part and it’s certainly gotten a good deal of attention. Check out other left-libertarians like Gary Chartier, Darian Worden, a pre-recorded talk with Kevin Carson and more at George Donnelly’s Youtube channel. You can also go to and find George’s channel for all of the videos already recorded.

Finally talks of a plan for ALL (which includes ALL-oNE of course) working with Pete Eyre of Liberty on Tour and Brad Spangler of C4SS for doing an outreach to the protesters on Occupy Wall ST. are underway. The plan will be worked on and become more explicitly known and developed in the coming days.

So work still needs to be done but things are coming more and more underway as time goes on. In other news the HQ of ALL-oNE is going to become the general area around Nashua NH for quite a few months which means I’ll have the inventory back in my hands as well as organizing more and more for the Boston Anarchist Bookfair! I hope to see my fellow ALLies there!

I’ll be updating the email list this Sunday and if you want to be added to it please email me at¬†

ALL-oNE Update for 9/12/11

A few things to report on for last week and this one (and we’re only on Monday!):

First off talks are being made with ALLiance Journal about receiving some advertisements in the zines that ALLiance Journal posts. Payments, choice of zine and where the money will go is ALL pending but expect this to be developing in the coming months. If we can get more advertisers and collaborators then the hope is we can get more official members or people interested and hopefully more chapters of ALL can eventually spring up.

I’d also like to say for sure now that ALL-oNE will be at the¬†¬†Boston Anarchist Bookfair¬†which will be including (but not limited to) providing radical pamphlets, pins, conversations and two talks by of its two co-creators Nick Ford and Jack Shimek.

If you need any housing for the Boston Anarchist Bookfair I recommend using this document.

Plans of reaching out to the other collectives and anarchist groups in Boston are underway as well and I plan on trying to get in contact with many of them to see if there’s some way both of the organizations can benefit from sharing and trading zines and other things. More details to be coming soon.

Lastly the Left Libertarian Youtube Collective¬†is going to be having a reading of chapter one of Kevin Carson’s Studies in a Mutualist Political Economy all week long! Here is part one.

If you want to be added to the email list, as always contact me at and ask!

ALL-oNE Update for 9/5/11

Just in case you wanted to know more about ALL-oNE I encourage watching this video!

ALL-oNE had a presence at the Live Free or Die Rally making some money there and getting the word out about the organization among the almost 100 people who went there. To further these two things and especially getting the word out about the organization, plans are underway to have a presence at the Boston Anarchist Bookfair and have talks from both me and Jack Shimek, the co-founders of ALL-oNe. ALL-ONE shall also be tabling there, selling many radical pamphlets, pins, larger readings and more!

Things are very much in their preliminary stages for these talks but the plan is to tackle two different but important topics:

I will be planning on talking about ALL-oNE and spreading the message of the ALL in general. It’s my hope that my message will be well¬†received¬†by social-anarchists and that we can bridge gaps between left-libertarians and social-anarchists. From this talk I hope to get many more participants from the activist centers that are located in Boston already such as the Food Not Bombs and other collectives that are already there!

Jack Shimek is currently planning on discussing the advantages of using cooperatives as a business model for anarchists of all stripes.

I also apologize for the lack of updates since my first post. I now aim to update this blog at least¬†once a week if that’s possible.

I intend to keep this post as a notice to those who want to learn more about endeavours that ALL-oNE supports, updates on where ALL-oNE will be and more.

For full transparency: Jack currently has most of the pamphlets in his possession and the¬†possession¬†of ALL-oNE’s money is still in my hands.

If you have any questions or if you would like to help us table at future events or receive pamphlets, etc. please email:

Alternatively can also ask to be added to the mailing list which will now be updated most likely every other week at most and monthly at worst.

Thanks a lot everyone.

Edit: Thanks to Mimi for helping me clean up this mess from last night. I was pretty tired last night and in my rush just to get something out I sacrificed style, grammar and more in the name of an update. Thanks to Mimi for bringing that to my attention. I’ll make sure to try to keep my posts more fluent than last night’s post.

Introducing ALL-oNE!

Brief description:
ALL-oNE is an anti/counter political organization designed to help build the new society within the shell of the old.
Want more info?
ALL-oNE is a broad coalition of alliances between agorists, mutualists, voluntary/libertarian socalists, voluntaryists, left-Rothbardians and others. We do not only oppose the state but things like militarism, sexism, racism, the current corporatism¬†fraudulently¬†called the “free market”. We regard all of these things as part of a mutually reinforcing oppressive system that deprives people of their individual liberties.

We are also for building things like community values, mutual aid societiesand associations as well as other voluntary associations to bring down the government and help guide  society towards a better existence.We deemphasize electoral politics and instead advocate direct action, education and building alternative institutions.

We are pro-union in the sense of truly freed unions that only give the worker more of a say in his life and not the corrupt big time unions of today that largely exist through government privilege.

We believe that culture is as important thing to maintain just like the non-existence of government is important to maintain. We take cultural concerns of minorities seriously and not as an attempt to proselytize people.

We want to help the poor, the disenfranchised, the workers, the immigrants, we want to build a strong safety net for these oppressed people based on voluntary interaction and mutual aid.

How You Can Help
Interested? Want to be a part of this organization? Please email: to see how you can help!
You can also¬†receive pamphlets via this email from the ALL-oNe inventory. At the moment to make this deal work you must be willing to pay for the pamphlet as they’re sold as well as the shipping and handling.
Want Even more Info?
If you’re looking for more heavy duty reading on what many left-libertarians may¬†believe¬†please follow the following links in the text above as well as these ones: The official ALL website where you can find ALL sorts of reading material, info on the ALL and more! A market anarchist media center building awareness of largely left-libertarian viewpoints. Here you’ll find many left-libertarian (or LL leaning) authors and articles as well as research papers to read.
ALLiance Journal’s tumblr account: “A grassroots, shop-floor, dirt cheap tabloid aspiring to inspire the Libertarian Left to delusions of¬†grandeur. Full of piss and passion, never stopping in the face of¬†singularity, peak oil or Ragnarok.”