What sort of action should we as left-libertarians take?

Voltairine de Cleyre – Direct Action

SearchingforSanity (AKA Nick Ford) – An Introduction, Agorism/Counter-Economics, Direct Action, Dual/Counter-Power Strategies, Education (External and Self)

LaughingMan0X – So You Want a Free Society? Introducing Dual Power Strategy in a Nutshell

Brian A. Dominic – An Introduction to Dual Power Strategy

Wikipedia – Mutual Aid (Organization Theory)

Sheldon Richman – Context Keeping and Community Organizing

Charles Johnson – We Are Market Forces (This article was re-titled that in “Markets Not Capitalism”), The Clean Water Act vs. Clean Water

David Gross – A Practical Guide To How You Can Stop Paying For War by Living Simply and Eliminating Your Tax Liability

For your consideration, we have several pages loaded with action suggestions from others. Some think we should be involved in parliamentary political action so first we have included some…

Messages to “Politicals”

Then, onwards after rejecting parliamentary action, we suggest you consider…

Pursuing Alternate Ways

Building New Community

Developing Freed Markets

Increasing Self-sufficiency

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