ALL-oNE Update for 12/13/11

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while but this update has been on my mind since I got an invitation to “What is the Occupy Movement? A Roundtable” sometime last week I think. Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict (on both my part and Jack’s), we will be unable to make it. But we encourage ALL who can go to check it out and let us know how it was!

I made it a point to stay in contact with the organizers so chances are we’ll be invited to other events too if we’re lucky!

Besides that, not much has been happening. An ALL-oNE office or place of operations is being considered and a book signing with Charles Johnson (editor of “Markets Not Capitalism”) around the time of the 2012 Liberty Fourm which will hopefully start get worked on as soon as possible.

I hope fellow ALLies are enjoying this holiday season and trying not to let the mass consumerism get them done too much. I’ll try to keep this blog updated as more and more things come to pass in regards to the things I’ve already mentioned and more. No promises about when though of course. 😉

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